Meow Monday: Daisy's Story

Daisy's story is a story of learning to trust humans and feel safe and secure around them.  We adopted Daisy in January, 2012 from a local rescue group.  She had been found as a stray in a nearby county and found herself in their high-kill animal shelter.  You can read about her coming home and initial adjustment in our home here. It's been 3 years since Daisy entered our lives and she has come so far!

For the first week, Daisy tried to escape out the windows by pawing and scratching her way out.  I have no doubt that she was abandoned in a house and this was how she found freedom.  Every morning when I woke up, I'd find the blinds in the bedroom bent.  I finally pulled the blinds up about 6" so she could get under them and see out the windows.

As she graduated to full freedom in the house, we rarely saw her.  She'd come to the area near the kitchen for feeding time, then she'd disappear into either the living room or the front bedroom, which was her "safe place".  Every time I went looking for her, she'd startle and get the "fight or flight" look in her eyes.  She never growled, hissed, or swiped at us, but she'd dart behind the couch or under the bed.  If she was sleeping, she'd immediately wake up and pop her head up as if she had to flee.  During thunderstorms, she ran and hid under the telephone table, which has a narrow opening.

Over the months, she gradually started exploring the rest of the house.  I remember when she'd eat her breakfast or dinner and immediately head into the darkened living room by herself.  She wanted to trust us, but at the same time, she was afraid to trust us too much.  She gradually started coming into the den in the evenings with us.  Then, she started spending time with us in the kitchen.  Finally, she ventured down the hallway to the master bedroom and discovered the great view of the backyard from the bedroom window!

When I left for work, she'd ignore me when I got home.  I think she has some degree of separation anxiety.  I would work all week, come home and be ignored for a whole day before she decided to have anything to do with me.

Fast forward to today.  Daisy continues to come out of her shell and trust us more and more.  On days that I'm home, she is ON me.  Not near me. On me!  She loves to snuggle up on my chest and chill out.  Sometimes, she jumps up on the back of the couch and snoozes behind me while I watch TV.  She still likes to hang out in the front room, but only because she can watch the world outside, not to hide.  She eats and stays in the room with us.  She doesn't hide during thunderstorms and she sleeps soundly, even when we walk into a room.  She is in the kitchen with us constantly, often standing between my legs while I cook or prepare their food.  Of course, she's hoping for a handout, but she's still there.  She absolutely loves to play with Tumbles and Emie and she's even been seen trying to get Hannah to play. 

Torties are notorious for bonding with one human.  I'm happy she's chosen to bond with me.


Karen said…
Such a pretty Daisy cat!
Robin said…
Daisy is a beauty! And so very happy that her story continues to be a blessing for her and you.

Robin in Virginia
Mary Beth said…
Daisy is so pretty, Stephanie. As someone who is also new to Torties, I understand the whole deal about them being "on" you. Darcy does the same thing to me! She has definitely settled in and has adopted you as her family.
Kay said…
Daisy is beautiful! Wonderful she was able to find a loving home! I have a few torties at home. The one hangs all over my son, I think when he moves out next year she will be really lost because her boy will not be here all the time, the other one hangs all over my husband, I call her a daddy's girl!