Thursday, February 02, 2012

Introducing Daisy Mae!

We did it! We brought Daisy home last Thursday. Since she was still snotty and sneezy, we set her up in the isolation room with a vaporizer and a space heater for extra warmth. She also had all the ammenities...water, food, litter box, toys, and warm bedding. She settled in very nicely and ate within the first 30 mins of bringing her home. We also immediately started her on our wellness plan. We feed grain-free canned food and mix in some plain canned pumpkin (to keep things moving), 1/4 t of Missing Link veterinary formula (vitamin supplement), an antihistamine (when needed), L-Lysine (this helps stop the replication of the herpes virus and supports a better immune system), and some evening primrose oil drops (helps with nasal inflammation caused by allergies). She ate her first wet food serving like a champ! We feed wet food twice a day, morning and evening. We supplement with dry food (also grain free), but the bulk of their calories come from the wet food.

On Sunday, we began introducing Hannah and Tumbles to Daisy. We put Daisy in the huge dog crate we have and let the kitties come in and roam. That way, Daisy stays safe, yet the others can see her, smell her and wander around in "her" room. Tumbles did slo-mo kitty through the whole room and Hannah hissed and told her off! LOL We did this a few times a day on Sunday. On Monday, we closed off part of the house and let her roam outside of the room. On Tuesday, we did the same thing. Yesterday, after we came back from the vet with Daisy, we just let her roam the house. They all did great! We did put her in "her" room overnight last night and let her out first thing this morning. Today, she's found a few new sleeping spots and everything's gone well. A few hisses, which is to be expected, but we're making progress.