Wordless Wednesday Follow-Up

Salsa anyone? Homemade from the remainder of our slicing tomatoes harvested before our first freeze in December. This was pretty much all I got of the batch. DH ate most of the rest of it while I was napping. I think I'm going to get a lock for the fridge and hide the key on my body! Wait! Might not be such a good hiding place! LOL

This is my Callie-love in the husband's lap. Ten years ago, you'd never have seen this. DH wasn't a cat person and Callie wasn't much of a human cat, especially humans of the male persuasion. Over the years, the two have come to a mutual understanding and Callie frequently jumps in his lap for a little love.

Part of my stash that I've weeded out. One of these days, this stuff will be for sale.

More stash that wouldn't fit in the bin. Need to organize, scan, price, and get everything uploaded to sell.

My progress on "Give" this week. I've pretty much reached the bottom on both sides. Inching ever closer to a finish!


The salsa looks great and yeah, hiding anything on your body from a man.... not a good idea unless you want him to search you!

Great progress on Give - it's really pretty and wow, you've got a lot of stash but then, don't we all?
stitchinfiend said…
Love the stash pictures - And Give is looking so pretty/
Tanya said…
I love your WIP. I really need to weed out my stash too. Homemade salsa is the best.
Anonymous said…
Terrific captions, Stef! I thought that might be Callie, but didn't want to be wrong for the entire world to see! LOL

Sorry Mark ate the salsa! Guess I won't be receiving any soon!

Felicity said…
I love 'Give'. You are doing a wonderful job!
Mylene said…
I love the project you are working on, good progress.