Sunday Updates & So Long Cowboys

This past week has been an interesting one. I've managed to come down with either a cold or a sinus infection that's really worn me out. I've been trying some herbal remedies, which are helping, but I have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday with my doctor for the high powered drug if I'm not feeling 100% better. My boss is leaving on Tuesday for a 2 week vacation with his family at Disney, so I can't afford to be sick and miss work.

This past week, I've been spending my limited stitching time on my January 1st piece, Have a Heart by Val's Stuff. I'm really loving the way this is coming together. I won't finish him this month most likely, but I will finish him next month.

Last night during my SNS time, I tried to work on LHN's Seasonal Saltbox series piece. I just could NOT keep my eyes open, so I ended up throwing in the towel after 35 minutes and heading to bed. Here's my itty bit of progress.

Football season is officially over for me. Don't get me wrong, I'll be watching the Super Bowl, but my Boys fell out of the running today in a shameful loss to the Minnesota Vikings. I will be rooting for the Saints next weekend against the Vikings. It was a great season for the Cowboys, though. Winning in December, winning their division, and winning a post-season playoff game is nothing to be ashamed of. They are a great group of young players, so be looking for us to tear up the league next year!


stitchinfiend said…
Love Have a Heart he is sooo cute. I hope that you are feeling better soon hugs
Anonymous said…
Your Jan. 1st piece is looking mighty good, Stef! I love how it is popping on your fabric!

Sorry about the Boys, but there will be another try next season!

Hope you are feeling better soon! Rest up and drink plenty of fluids!

Julie M said…
I had to listen to my hubby gloat all afternoon about my boys losing. I tried to burst his happy by pointing out that his skins stunk up the place all season but it didn't work.

Progress is progress no matter how small, both of you projects are looking great!
Shelleen said…
My hubby is a big Vikings fan so he was very happy and the game won him $100.
Mylene said…
Hope you are feeling feeling. Take care.