January Ornie Finish & Captions from Wordless Wednesday

The heavens have opened up and poured out their rain on us all day long. It was dark all day. Very strange for us. Thankfully, we've not experienced any really severe weather, but we've had some heavy downpours. Of course, my rain gauge isn't collecting rain for some reason. Now, we're expecting freezing temps and everyone's freaking out that we're going to ice up. Lovely!!

Last night while listening to the State of the Union address, I finished up my January ornie! My first finish of the year, too. Yippee for me! Presenting...."Joy" by Lilybet Designs stitched on a scrap of 28 ct. Vintage Autumn Fields linen using DMC, GAST, and CCs.

From yesterday...and yes, these pics are "real time" as I took all of them except the last one yesterday before posting.

Poppies!! Can't wait to see them in bloom.

My lettuce bed. We'll probably harvest all of this when we start expanding the garden. Then, we'll plant more lettuce for the spring.

Daylily sprouts. More excitement and a definite harbinger of spring and warmer weather.

This is what happens when the dear husband called 811 to come find the buried natural gas lines in our yard. Not only did they send out someone to find the gas lines and mark them with paint and flags, they send out the phone co and the cable co. We were looking for lines in our backyard where the garden is going to be dug, but thankfully, there's nothing back there. They did, however, do a lovely job painting the grass. Our neighbors probably think we're moving out! LOL

They had no mercy on my plants! Grrrrrrrrrr! I'm hoping all this rain will wash off the paint from my Veronica plant.

This is my precious Callie, the kitty of my heart. I had put this toilet seat cover on the stool just for kicks and she jumped up and fell asleep on the stool! She's such a sweetie.


stitchinfiend said…
I was wondering what the paint was all about. Love your Joy it is really pretty
Darling finish, Stef and I am so jealous of all that green. We're in a frozen, bitter cold snap right now.
Anonymous said…
Terrific recap, Stephanie! Hope the rain washed away or does the next time it rains! What is a Veronica plant?

And Callie definitely looks really cozy!

Lainey said…
Lovely ornie finish!
Mylene said…
Lovely finish. Congrats. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Anonymous said…
WE've got daylily shoots coming up and also bearded iris. I can't wait til spring. the JOY ornament is adorable.