It's the Start of a New Week!

And I'm feeling immensely better! It's amazing what cough syrup with codeine can do for a good night's sleep! LOL I'm sure the antibiotic my doctor prescribed for my sinus infection is helping some, too. Now, if the mountain cedar would just go away, I'd be able to truly get well. I hate that stuff!

So, the Saints are going to the Super Bowl! Woohoo! So proud to see a team that's never been in the Super Bowl advance to that all important game. I hope the beat the tar out of the Colts! Honestly, the Colts have a GREAT team and Peyton Manning will no doubt be in the Hall of Fame someday, but really, it's time for some new faces in the Super Bowl. Geaux Saints!!!!

This past week was a stressful one, plus I didn't feel well, so my stitching time was minimal. I started my January ornie, "Joy", a complimentary design from Lilybet Designs. I've been working on this during my lunch/dinner time at work.

I'm stitching this on a scrap of 28 ct. Vintage Autumn Fields linen, using DMC, CCs, and GAST.

On Saturday, I worked on my SNS project, LHN's Seasonal Saltbox series. Got the main body of my house "painted" and started on the flowers in the border.

Yesterday, during the Saints v. Vikings game, I stitched on my incentive piece, "Give". My plan is to work on this at home during the evenings. I'm so close to a finish, that I've got to get it done!

In other news, my potatoes have been taken out of the box and are getting ready to plant. I've only got about 2 more weeks!! They're starting to grow eyes. The Kennebecs seem to be growing the slowest, but they're also the biggest potatoes, so maybe that's why. We have also added onion sets. I absolutely LOVE onions! We have 3 sets of 1015Y ("THE" Texas sweet yellow onion) and 2 sets of Red Burgundy, a red onion. I'm thinking of going back and getting a bunch of the white onions they had.

These are the Kennebecs. Come on babies, you can sprout!

The Reds and Purple Vikings are doing great!

The Banana Fingerlings are going like gangbusters. I even have one that reminds me of a walrus! LOL

The onions awaiting their permanent home in the garden. I've put them in a pan of dirt and then I water them about every other day.


Anonymous said…
Great start on your January ornament, Stef! And yes, you need to finish Give! It is soooo pretty! I love the colors!

Nice looking spuds, but I will pass on your onions!

stitchinfiend said…
I love how Give is looking such beautiful autumn colours. Good luck with the potato planting.
Your stitching wips are really pretty Stef! You're so close on your incentive! Love seeing all your plants ready to be planted. Too cold to even think that far ahead for me, yet.
Julie M said…
Beautiful stitching Stephanie!

Love seeing the plants, gives me hope that spring will arrive at some point. Sooner would be better of course but I won't hold my breath!
Shari said…
the stitching all looks wonderful, but what caught my eye was all the lovely potato starts! Oh yum!! Too bad doing a garden is MONTHS away for me!!!
Lainey said…
Your stitching wips are lovely, just love the colours in give.
I love your "Give" piece! The colors and design are beautiful. I just happened upon your blog from joining Stitching Bloggers, but I plan on returning often. Enjoy the onion and the spuds!!!!
Carolyn NC said…
Nice progress on all your WIP's!
Meari said…
Your stitching looks great!
Mylene said…
Great start on the ornament. And good progress made with the others.