Don't Toss Your Christmas Cards!

Each card you received at Christmas or New Year's this year represents one person whose life you have impacted or with whom you have a relationship.  It may be a strained or distant relationship, but it's a relationship anyway.  Maybe it's family. Maybe you're a friend.  Maybe you're a teacher or a student.  Maybe you're a co-worker.  I even have received cards from my dentist and my massage therapist.  Whatever your relationship, you were important enough for them to take the time to send you a card.  Rather than tossing the cards out as you're putting away your Christmas decorations, keep them.  Keep them with your Bible and choose one a day or one a week or one a month and pray for the sender of that card.  Pray for their health, their financial situation, their life choices, their situations.  Maybe you don't know what to pray.  Pray that God would bless them and show His love to them that day.  If you feel like it, after you've prayed for them, you could call them, send them a little note or a text letting them know that they were on your mind and that you hope all is well with them.  You never know the effect your prayers might have on their lives.  You never know the effect your prayers for them will have on you either.


VF said…
One year we did pray for an individual card sender each day. It is a great idea. Thanks for the reminder.
Great idea, Stef!
Great idea
Bonnie said…
What a beautiful message love your idea THANKS