"Come and See..."

John 1:35-50

“Come,” he replied, “and you will see.” John 1:39

"Come and see" was the invitation Jesus extended to John the Baptist and his followers that day.  It was also the invitation extended to Simon Peter, Philip, and Nathanael. Indeed, it is it the same invitation extended to us all.  Just like Jesus and Philip, we are to invite people to "come and see".  Come and see the glory of the Lord.  Come and see God's goodness.  Come and see God at work.  Come and see Truth.  Come and see life.  Come and see contentment in difficult circumstances.  Come and see God providing for needs through his people.  Come and see mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.  Come and see joy.  Come and see peace.  Come and see love.  Come and see lives being changed.

Come and see...

...the Lamb of God
...the Son of God
...the King of Kings
...the Alpha and Omega


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