What's Blooming

The rains of May have given way to the hot, humid temperatures of June.  Seems like we went from cool and cloudy to hot and sunny overnight with no time to prepare.  We also went from the feast of excessive rain to absolutely no rain.  It's not rained one single drop in my little corner of the world for the past 2 weeks.  My plants, garden, and flower beds could use some rain lovin right about now.  Nevertheless, my flowers are still going and blooming.  Guess they liked the 13" of rain we got in May!

Echinacea, Purple & White Coneflowers were so vibrant thanks to all the rain, cooler weather, and clouds.

This yellow yarrow came to me through a gardening friend.  I think about her every time I look at this plant.

This daylily was the prettiest its been in my garden.  Again, thanks to the rain, cooler temps, and cloudy days.

My all-time favorite daylily, San Antonio Firecracker, pays homage to my hometown.

Mexican Milkweed, a nectar & larval plant for the Monarch butterfly.  I just like the color of the blooms.

Many years ago, I intentionally planted one of these red salvias in my planter.  I've been getting volunteers every year.

This white Salvia greggii is evergreen and has a long bloom time.  It's a native Texas plant and does well in our hot, harsh growing conditions.

Lanceleaf Loosestrife grows on tall wispy stems.  The flowers are very tiny and dainty.  It's always a delight when it blooms.

I received some Roughleaf Sunflowers from a gardening friend last spring.  The plants didn't get very tall, but the did bloom. I sprinkled seeds around my garden and they germinated and have bloomed.  These are easily 4 feet tall, but I love the pretty flowers.

These pretty yellow daylilies were in a box of daylilies I picked up at Sam's about 10 years ago.  I knew nothing of growing daylilies, but that didn't matter to these guys.  They have been blooming along my garage driveway faithfully every spring.


Robin said…
Your blooms look great, Stef! I love your San Antonio daylily picture.