Welcome to My Garden

Won't you please come and join me on a stroll through my garden? It's a bit wet due to all the recent rains we've received, so please be sure you're wearing your water shoes. :)

 We've got lots of tomatoes, garlic, tomatillos, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, peas, okra, and green beans planted.

The peas this year are easily 5-6 feet tall.  I love the dainty flowers.  It's fun to watch the pods swell with the tasty little peas inside.  This year, we're growing Alaska peas, an early variety.  In the fall, I'll plant Wando peas.

If you pick the blackberries, be careful.  They're very thorny, but oh, so tasty!  These are Kiowa blackberries and they do very well here in North Central Texas.

Hubby was going to yank out the grapes this year because they haven't been very productive in years past.  We have grapes coming out our ears this year and the vines are taking over the back portion of the yard.  Can you say, "You should've trellised them earlier??"

The green beans (pole beans) are filling in and the runners have reached the top of the cattle panel.  We should start seeing blooms soon with bean pods to follow.  These are Blue Lake Pole beans. 

Tomatoes...These are Super Sioux tomatoes.  First year in our garden and they have been very prolific.  I like how they grow in a cluster of 5-7 and aren't huge.  I foresee many salads in my future.
These are Marmande tomatoes.  They are a rare heirloom variety from Italy.  They produce a flattened small to medium sized tomato which is perfect for just one person, or two, if you want to share.
The garden wouldn't be complete without these little Large Red Cherry tomatoes.  They are the perfect size for munching and in salads.  They make a pretty cluster, too.

These cucumbers were grown from seeds I saved last year.  It was my first attempt at saving cucumber seeds, but it was so easy.  I'll do it again this year.  This variety is called "Muncher" and they are so sweet and pretty much burpless.  They make pretty good pickles, too.
I thinned out these Pike cantaloupe seedlings yesterday to allow circulation and better growth.  You can see they are kind of yellowing.  That's due to all the rain, clouds, and cooler than normal temps we've had the past month.  Cantaloupes (as well as watermelon and okra) like it warm and a bit on the dry side.

Thank you for joining me today.  I hope your shoes didn't get too wet.  Next time, we'll tour my flower beds and see what's blooming.  For now, here's a little sneak peek.


Robin said…
Stef, your garden look great! I can't get over how your tomatoes are growing. And look at your grapes - wow! Hmmm, I would like a tomato and cucumber salad please.

Karen said…
Your garden is beautiful and I enjoyed visiting it!
Kay said…
garden looks great!