There's a New Bug on the Block

Meet Emmie, the newest bug in our cat clan.  Technically, I think a group of cats is called a clowder, but that just sounds weird.  We now have the Fab 4 made up of Hannah, Tumbles, Daisy, and now Emmie. Emmie showed up in our yard in early November, 2014.  She was starving and almost emaciated.  I don't know how long she'd been living in our yard as the day she showed up was the first time I'd seen her.  After capturing her, which wasn't difficult considering I was bribing her with baked chicken that she was taking from my hand, we brought her inside and set her up in our spare bedroom.  We have a large dog crate that we use for new kitties and post-op kitties, so in she went until we figure out what to do with her.  Our initial intent was not to keep her, but to find her a loving home.  Who knew that the loving home would be ours??

 Surprisingly, she was a lovebug, so she'd obviously had some positive human interaction.  We looked for her owners to no avail.  I contacted a rescue group about fostering her until she was ready for adoption, but that didn't go as planned.  Hubby took her to the vet to have her tested for the nasties and to be dewormed.  Two weeks later, we'd decided to keep her and started her on her kitten shots.  At her final shot appointment in early December when she also got her rabies shot, we set up her spay appointment.  After going through a heat cycle with her because she went into heat about 2 or so weeks prior to her spay, that spay date couldn't come soon enough!  She's now spayed and microchipped and doing great with the other kitties.  She even gets Hannah to play with her sometimes!
 We estimate she was 6-7 months old when she arrived as she already had her adult canines and some tartar build up on her teeth.  She's an absolute delight and full of kitten energy!  She's definitely brightened up our home.  Her favorite activities are running through the house like a crazy kitty and jumping up on the cat tree and then quickly jumping off again, playing with her purple floofy, playing with the kitchen rugs, playing with the sheers on the front window, pestering Tumbles and playing with him, playing with the sheets on the bed, and chattering at the birds outside the window.  She loves sunny windowsills and sleeping on her fleece blankie in the warm afternoon sunshine on our bed.  She loves to snuggle on my chest in the morning while I'm sitting on the potty, and she loves laying in Mark's lap in the evenings.  At night, she likes to snuggle with us on the bed.  She's usually on top of me or on top of the pillows I sleep with between my legs (to help my back).  Everything's a toy and she's loving life. 


Robin said…
Emmie is a cutie! Thanks for sharing the pictures of her.

Mouse said…
awwww she is adorable ... and she definitely picked the right home... yours :) love mouse xxxxx
Maggie said…
What a beautiful cat! Looks like she chose the right home :-)
Karen said…
A beautiful lovely kitty, so glad you decided to keep her. I enjoyed reading her story.