Messy Meow Monday

North Texas is covered in one big sheet of ice.  On Sunday, we picked up about 3/4" of rain, which was great.  Overnight into Monday morning, we picked up about 1/2" of sleet, which is not so nice.  All the roads are frozen solid, even though the Texas Department of Transportation pre-treated the roads with a brine mixture and have been applying sand.  Today's temperatures are not expected to get out of the 20s.  I know for many of you, this might be considered warm, but for us, this is COLD!!  Also, driving on ice is impossible while driving on snow is manageable.  Truth be told, I'd rather it had snowed.

Enough of the "messy" part. Onto the "meow" part.  The kitties are taking the cold weather in stride.

Emmie's enjoying life on the top of the cat the path of the heating vent.
Daisy wonders what all that white stuff is on the roads.
Hannah's snug in her bed.
Tumbles found the pet bed warmer in the comforter and is snoozing the day away.

Have a terrific Monday wherever you are!  Head on over to my food blog for a new recipe! 


Hello, just found your blog and so enjoyed looking at your sweet cats! I live in the western part of Texas close to Gail and we also have snow and sleet but not at much I think as you do. It sure is cold though! Enjoyed visiting here! Stay warm!
Hello, sleet and ice here in the western part of Texas. Loved your kitty photos! Stay safe out there on those slick roads!
Stitching Noni said…
♥ I love your kitties! ♥
I so can't imagine Texas with snow.... or ice as in your case! Stay safe and warm!
Hugs xx
summer said…
such cute kitties