Viva Fiesta!

In my hometown of San Antonio, each April brings Fiesta season.  When I was a girl, it was only a week-long celebration held sometime around San Jacinto Day (April 21st).  The week was capped off by 2 parades, the Battle of Flowers parade held on Friday afternoon and the Fiesta Flambeau parade held Saturday evening.  (We used to call them the day parade and the night parade.)  Fiesta not only celebrates Texas heritage, it celebrates San Antonio's deep Hispanic and Mexican roots.  There's lots of bright colors and rich traditions.  Last weekend was the close of Fiesta, and I was inspired to crochet these colorful dishcloths.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any bright pink or yellow, or those colors would've been included. 

These are made using Neatly Tangled's Just Right & Big Time Dishcloth pattern.  Since I have smaller hands and my husband prefers a smaller kitchen dishcloth, I started off using the Just Right pattern.  However, I found that was a bit too large for me, so I started with a chain of 25, chained loosely, and it made a dishcloth approximately 7.5" square.  I absolutely LOVE this pattern!  It's quick and easy and produces a great looking dishcloth. 


Robin said…
They look bright and festive, Stef!