Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Finishes to Share!

Before I started my new job two weeks ago, I was able to get a couple more WIPs finished.  (Yay, me!)  First off the needle is Sunflower Garden Sampler from Prairie Schooler. 

 I originally started this project back in 2011 while my husband was having a myriad of health problems which turned out to be his heart.  I remember working on the sunflowers below the birdhouse while I was waiting for him doing his cardiac rehab.

Next up is LHN's "Blessed are the Peacemakers".  This is part of the seasonal saltbox series that she did several years ago. 

 I stitched all four squares on one piece of fabric.  Here is the complete finished project. Although fall is my favorite season, I think the summer square was my favorite to stitch. 

Lastly, my current project is Heart in Hand's Sunflower Sampler.  This is my January 1st piece for this year.  Maybe I'll get it finished by New Year's Eve!

Actually, I don't have much more to do on this one, but my stitching time has been severely limited due to my new job.  Since beginning my job at Amazon as a fulfillment associate in their new fulfillment center in Haslet (just north of Fort Worth), I don't have much stitching time.  I work the "backend shift" which means I work the latter part of the week, Wed-Sat.  My shifts are 10 hours long.  Although the drive is only about 30 miles, it takes about an hour to get there with all the traffic and construction.  To allow plenty of travel time, I have to leave my house around 5:45AM.  I eat a little something before I leave, then I eat the rest of my breakfast in the breakroom at work.  Work starts at 7:00AM on the dot!  When I get home, it's usually 6:30PM or later, again, depending on the traffic.  I've learned to eat high protein food every break, breakfast, and at lunch or else I am starving all day long.  Our building is huge, 1.3 MILLION square feet, so it's a hike to the bathroom, breakroom, and entrance.  One day, it took me 5 minutes to walk from my work area to the breakroom.  Insane!!  Good exercise, though.  I like the job, too.  That's always a good thing.  Maybe next week, I'll have another finish to post!