Onward to 2013!

Since 2012 was pretty much a bust for me stitching-wise, I decided on the last day of 2012, I'd take inventory of what was lurking in my stitching basket.  I don't know what possessed me to do such a thing, but I did it nonetheless.  This is what I found:

Some of these projects have been lurking in said stitching basket for a couple of years (or more).  Two are very near completion.  A couple are about half-way complete.  One only needs a border stitched on it.  One has a mistake that I don't want to deal with.  One is destined to be put up for adoption.  Working on this pile will be my goal for 2013 as well as completing Quaker Friendship Sampler and my PS Birdhouse Sampler. 

Speaking of Quaker Friendship Sampler, I've been working on it!  My final stitches of 2012 were on this piece.  I finished the purple medallion in the upper right and have been working on the rectangular medallion under the green crown.  I tried to get that rectangle finished last night, but it just didn't happen.  Oh well...


Anonymous said…
Wishing you a fabulous year of stitching, Stef!

Happy New Year!

Kay said…
Lots of wips in your stitchy pile. Have a very stitchy new year!