One Down, Plenty to Go!

In an effort to work my way through my stitching basket, I pulled out an old friend, LHN's He's a Flake.  Once I got my bearings on him, it took me less than 3 hours to finish, including the time it took me to find beads in my stash closet.  Why did I ever put him down???  Without further ado, here's He's a Flake in all his finished glory!

Just as an FYI, I did substitute CC Cupid for the scarf and planter.  I also did NOT add the beads on the garland on the tree, but did put them on his hat.  I also did 2 French Knots for his eyes.  Did I mention that this was my January 1st piece in 2011???

Next up from the Great Stitching Basket Project is another LHN piece, "Blessed are the Peacemakers" from the seasonal saltbox series.  This is the final piece in this series that I'm stitching horizontally on one piece of fabric.  (Sorry for the quality, but if you click the pic, you can see it better.)

We've had rain for the past 2 days in my part of the world.  We picked up just shy of 4" of the wet stuff.  Hooray for rain in winter and not ice, sleet or snow!  It's been gloomy, though.  This Texas gal needs a shot of sunshine from time to time to sustain me.  Until next time, I'm off to update the gardening blog!


Anonymous said…
Congrats on the Flake finish! He is a cutie and I love the fabric he is stitched on! Cheering you on to your next WIP finish!

Love your new background!

Chris said…
Lovely finish! And so far great progress on the other one. Why do we put down projects instead of just finishing them off?
Great finishes. I too am working on dwindling down some of the UFOs of the Great Stitching Basket. Seems lots of us stitchers are trying to save some money with the financial world in such an uproar. The great thing about it is us stitchers can placate ourselves with needle and thread and enless creativity! Have fun and hoping the sun shines on you soon.

Kay said…
I love the flake finish, want to do this one myself eventually! Looks like you have a lot of stitchy things to keep you busy, have fun!
*-* said…
That is a very cute finish, one I'd like to add to my collection. I see we share a liking for the LHN designs/ornaments. They do make for happy stitching & delightful finishes.
Meari said…
Congrats on your finish! Adorable.