Visitng Some Old Friends

After I completed my little Olympic piece, there were still a few days left to the Olympic celebration, so I pulled out this old friend, 4th of July 2011 by Aury TM. It's a complimentary design on her website, one of 4 patriotic designs she's done in this style.

I had originally begun this last year when all my husband's health problems began. I discovered I was off one thread after completing many hours on it. I gave up in disgust and put it away. Several months ago, I pulled it out again and frogged all that I'd stitched and started again. So far, so good!

With the end of summer upon us and football preseason on TV, I decided to pull out Sunflower Garden Sampler by Prairie Schooler. Last night while watching the 2nd half of the Cowboys game, I did the bird after the V & W and finished the pole for the birdhouse. Now, I just hope everything lines up when I get to the bottom of the alphabet!

Our bathroom project is on hold because we have to wait for the plaster to dry. If you think watching and waiting for pain to dry, try being patient while the quick-drying plaster dries!! Of course, having 200% humidity for the past 2 weeks doesn't help matters any. Now, with Isaac heading closer to us than originally predicted, no telling what the weather will be like for the next week. (I'm several hundred miles north and west of the predicted landfall, but our weather pattern will be affected.)

I know I've talked a lot about little Daisy Doodlebug on my blog, but I am amazed at how she is *still* settling into our home. She has finally gotten comfortable coming down into our bedroom. She now spends an enormous amount of time in the window on my side of the bed in the afternoon, much to Mr. Tumbles' dislike. That's *HIS* spot, thank you very much! Daisy also comes down and jumps up on the foot of the bed, walks up Mark's side of the bed, walks onto his nightstand, and then sits on the windowsill every morning before we get out of bed. If we stay in bed longer than she thinks we should, she walks across his chest and up onto either my chest or side where she plops herself down and kneads and purrs. This afternoon, I had just woke up from my nap and she settled herself behind my knees. That's a first for snuggling!! Woohoo!! She has also started to engage Hannah in play, which Hannah doesn't want to partake. LOL Additionally, Daisy will often interfere on Hannah's part when Tumbles starts to get too aggressive and starts to bully Hannah. Hannah is comfortable with Daisy, but they are not friends by any stretch of the imagination. Most of the time everyone lives harmoniously, but there are times when it gets a bit dicey.

I will leave you with some pics from my garden over the past week or so. The cooler temps have brought out lots of blooms!


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous garden pictures! I really enjoyed visiting with your old friends, Stef! Your PS piece is looking fabulous as is your heart!

Chris said…
Wonderfu progress. I love the PS design.
So glad to hear that Daisy is settling in and happy.
Kay said…
Thanks for sharing the pics of your garden, I love your stitching!