The Great Bathroom Re-Do

I just LOVE home improvement projects, don't you?? (NOT!!) My husband is a very handy guy, but getting him motivated is a whole different story. We won't talk about unfinished projects.... I call them his WIPs. He doesn't like that. LOL It gives me ammo when I start working on a new stitching project, though.

A month or so ago, I told the hubby that I wanted to paint the den. We've lived in this house since 2005 and every room is painted the same color of drab purpley-gray. It was probably on sale and the previous owners were hoping to cover a multitude of sins with it. I'm kinda tired of the paint color and the half-wall wood paneling in the den. He thought about it and suggested we start small, so since the front bathroom ("my bathroom") had pieces of paint peeling off the ceiling, that's where we're starting.

Our home was built in the mid-1950s, so over the years, it's had some termite damage. However, the previous owners didn't repair it correctly, so that's why the chunks of paint were falling off. Also, due to poor workmanship and/or shifting of our home, the seams of the sheetrock on the long wall can be seen, so those will need to be repaired. We also have a retro wall mounted light, which hasn't worked since we moved in that I know of, and a wall of mirrors along the side of the bathroom opposite the bathtub. I think the smaller of the 2 mirrors will stay up, but we're doing something different over the sink. I'm hoping for an oval shaped mirror to put there. The rest of the wall above the toilet will just be painted, so pictures or something can be hung there.

See that thing under the light? Yeah, I thought it was a speaker at first, but today hubby told me it was a vent.

As you can see, the tile is ever so lovely. (NOT!!) I wish we had the funds at the time to totally get rid of the peachy-orangey-sandy colored tile, the peachy-orangey-sandy colored sink, and the peachy-orangey-sandy colored bathtub, not to mention the icky colored floor, but that's not the case. For now, we're focusing on the wall color and getting rid of the hideous mirrors and that God-awful light fixture!

Mark took down one of the mirrors and found this lovely piece of work behind it. He followed the wire and found that they went through the wall of the cabinet in the master bathroom then across the space between the walls and over to install the plug in the bathroom. The plug was in the side of the cabinet, so now not only do we have to fix this lovely cut in the sheetrock, we have to fix the hole in the side of the bathroom cabinet! Why not just run the wire down from the ceiling?? We also have a hole in the cabinet in the master bathroom to repair now as well. Obviously, a previous owner thought they were the DIY know it all! I don't think we'll get to painting this week.


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the bathroom re-do! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Jan said…
Well gee, Stephanie...sorry for finding yet more work, for your 'simple' start! I do know with the changes you are going to make, it will be super.
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good luck in redecorating your bathroom..hope that you could finish it earlier so it would be look good..

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Kay said…
Good luck with the bathroom re do!
snh said…
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