Some Olympic Stitching and Events

Unless you've been in outer space or under a rock, you know that the Summer Olympics are in full swing. While I'm not really a "fan" of any particular Olympic sport, I do enjoy rooting for my country's athletes during the Olympic games. The bad thing about Olympic season is that I lose a lot of sleep staying up late watching the events. The good thing about Olympic time is that I get a lot of stitching time in! I decided to pick up the little patriotic piece I'd started oh so many months ago, Flag City 2005 (although mine will be Flag City 2012). Here's my Olympic progress.

In other Olympic news, the felines had a bit of competition last night. Daisy performed her floor exercise routine, or maybe it was rhythmic gymnastics with a ribbon toy routine. There were many jumps making her routine filled with high difficulties. However, she petered out early and didn't finish her routine. I think the paper bag was too big a draw for her. The floor routine was followed up by the team pursuit event. Hannah and Tumbles teamed up to pursue a clicky bug! They brought home the gold and successfully brought the bug to its knees. The hubby swooped in for the capture and disposal of the bug. It was truly a team effort! Tonight's events include boxing, wrestling, and the track events. :)


Nice progress on Flag City! The cats sound like they scored quite well in their events!
Chris said…
Ha Ha! I love the cat olympics.
Great stitching progress!
Anonymous said…
Love your Flag City! I guess Miss Hannah is opting out of the kitty Olympics this go around!