Not a lot of Stitching Going On

But I have been very busy in the gardens! Last year, all our gardening efforts were a bust due to the hubby's heart issues. Now that his heart is working better, he's got lots of energy and drive to get out and do stuff in the veggie garden. We did get a bit of a late start, but I don't think the garden noticed. Also, we had a very warm period followed by more "normal" (cooler) temps so that worked in our favor, too.

So far this spring, the peas have been producing like crazy! In the past few years, we've grown both Alaska and Wando varieties of English peas (regular podded peas, not sugar snap peas). I think we planted every pea seed we had left and I think every single one germinated and produced. We have peas running our our ears and they keep on producing! We've also harvested a couple of jalapenos from a plant that hadn't even been transplanted yet!

The pole beans (Blue Lake green beans) have really taken off and we're harvesting some beans every couple of days. This is only the second year we've grown pole beans and the first year, out support blew over early in the spring ruining our attempt at growing them.

On tonight's menu, this morning's harvest of green beans and peas.

Lest you think nothing is going on with the flower beds, how about this gorgeous daylily that's been blooming? It's my all-time favorite, San Antonio Firecracker and does it ever "pop" in the garden!


Anonymous said…
Super gardening pictures, Stef! Any news on the asparagus and grapes? Your "firecracker" is gorgeous!

Chris said…
Your garden looks wonderful! It is good to hear that your DH is doing so well. It is wonderful to have fresh veggies.
Stitching Noni said…
Wow, look at peas and beans! I wish our peas would grow that well! When we do finally get some peas Daisy dog snaffles them right of the plants :o)

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Kay said…
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your lovely garden! Happy summer!