Dusting Off the Ol' Blog

I have spent the past couple of months trying to catch my breath from all the "stuff" that has happened in my life the past year. Sometimes life can just be so overwhelming! Since the end of November, 2010, the following things have happened in my life:

*My truck was stolen from my driveway.
*My grandmother passed away.
*We had to put my beloved kitty to sleep due to chronic renal failure.
*My husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had triple bypass surgery. A follow-up to the cardiologist had a not so good prognosis, so we are dealing with that as well.
*The Christmas shopping season at work has come and gone and I survived

The last thing has consumed my life since April. On a good note, the husband has completed his cardiac rehab sessions (36 of those puppies, 3 times a week for 12 weeks) with perfect attendance. He now goes to the same place for 'workout sessions' as many times a month as he wants. It's much less expensive than a gym or health club, too!

During this time, I really had no desire to stitch. I'm working on getting back in the stitching groove, though. I've decided to work on my Quaker Friendship Sampler.

I realized as I was putting this piece in the q-snaps that including the current medallion I'm working on, I only have 7 medallions left until it's completed!! I can do it! I can do it!! I definitely want to finish this piece, this year.

The kitties enjoying the sun on New Year's Day! What a wonderful way to welcome in the new year!


Peggy Lee said…
You certainly have been through a bundle this past year. I'm glad to know your husband is doing well now.

Sweet kitties!
Anonymous said…
Really like your new blog background! And good to see your post! I am glad things are settling down for you! Looking forward to seeing progress on QFS.

Deborah said…
Glad that things getting a little better. QFS is beautiful!
Jan said…
Very beautiful, Stef...and I am glad that you pulled this one back out!

The pic of the kitties is way cute!
Peggy Lee said…
Stephanie I know I already left a comment but I'm on the "big girl computer" now and WOW....the colors in your friendship sampler are gorgeous!! Did the chart call for them or did you change it up? It's really lovely!
Carol said…
I sure hope 2012 is an easier year for you and your family, Stephanie!

Your sampler is stunning--what wonderful colors :)
Kay said…
Your sampler is so very beautiful. I love the variety of colors! Glad to hear that things are looking up. Cute kitties! Happy New Year.