The Problem With Butterfly Friendly Plants

You might end up with these feasting on your plants:

Apparently, some little Gulf Fritillary butterfly found favor with my passiflora foetida (passionflower) and laid her egss on it! The plant is now covered with larvae in various stages, so maybe I'll get some butterflies out of it!


Anonymous said…
Hope some of them turn into gorgeous butterflies! I could send you some stinkbugs to add! LOL

Peggy Lee said…
Hi Stephanie,
I've just finished browsing through your blog. My goodness you've been blogging alot longer than I. I wanted to email you but couldn't find your address. I think you're my most recent follower. Thanks for stopping by!
Please email me if you like.
You're stitching is beautiful!
I had to laugh at the end of a post in 2006 where you said, "don't forget to feed the birds and turn your compost pile". HA!

~~Peggy Lee