My House is Built!

I've not picked up my needle once in the past week, but this is an update on my progress on "Blessed are the Merciful" by Little House Needleworks. Working full-time, coming home to take care of all the household chores and the husband, and making sure the kitties are fed has left me exhausted and worn out. All I want to do is sleep! I'm sure part of it is also hormonal.

The husband is recovering nicely. He's been released from the surgeon with permission to resume driving in 4 more weeks and his cardiologist has signed him up for cardiac rehab with instructions to come back in 3 months. We go to his initial visit at cardiac rehab this coming week. All they will do this week is paperwork, insurance stuff, a stress test, tour of the facility, and set up appointments. The only real pain Hubs is still experiencing is pain in his left pectoral muscle. If he takes pain meds, he breaks out in a very itchy rash so the strongest thing he can take for pain is Tylenol. Living with a grumpy man who doesn't feel well is not my cup of tea, but I know that this will soon pass and he'll be back to his normal self. At least I hope so! We went to Sam's today and he did very well. He walked about half of the store and only had to sit down once we got to the check out, so I think he's doing pretty good.

Friday evening shortly after I got home from work, it started to rain!! It was such a nice, gentle rain with no hail or high winds. We haven't had any measurable rain in my part of Texas since late June/early July. Half the state is on fire and all of the state is in a severe drought. We are under water usage restrictions and can only water twice a week. The rain was a very welcome visitor on Friday night!

Even with the rain restrictions, my plants are continuing to do well. The two volunteer watermelon plants that sprang up have overtaken the garden plot. I have several baby melons. Looking forward to harvesting before the first freeze.

The pink hurricane lilies showed up right around Labor Day. I love these things! I haven't seen the red ones yet, though. I hope I haven't lost them due to the heat and dry weather. :(

Pretty Miss Hannah enjoying the morning sun in our spare bedroom. I love this sweet little girly cat!


Anonymous said…
Nice looking house! Glad you got some rain and that watermelon looks great! Will you share?

Cathy Pavlovich said…
Glad your husband's recovery is going well. Very nice stitching and yummy looking watermelon!
Mylene said…
Love your new project and the lilies looks lovely.
Hope your husband continues to recover well.
Kay said…
Glad to hear that your husband is recovering nicely! Love your stitchy start! Sounds like you have been a busy lady, I hope you have been catching up on sleep. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos!