A New Start!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I signed up for Carol's iStitch Mystery SAL. The first part arrived in my inbox a few days ago and the fun has begun! I finally decided on use HDF's Rose silk and 32 ct. Princess Pink linen from Silkweaver. I've had the fabric forever and the thread had been sitting near my stitching spot just begging me to use it. In my opinion, it's a pretty combination. :) If you click the picture, you can see it better and see the actual shading in the fabric and thread.

Mark's surgery is this Thursday. He went for his pre-op blood work and x-rays today. He came home with paperwork and a scrubber of betadine soap! He can't shave any potential surgery sites (chest and/or legs). Thankfully, we have that part under control! LOL I have to admit that my first thought was, "What man shaves his chest or his legs??" We both feel very confident with the doctors and the hospital. We both know what to expect when Mark's exposed to too much anesthesia and pain meds and now how to handle it. (He's got a very sensitive system and hallucinates, tears his clothing off, rips out his IVs, and many other things when he gets too much in his system.) It's still going to be interesting to see how he responds to any meds they give him, but I now know what to expect and can tell the medical professionals that it's the meds/drugs and not his normal behavior. We are also know that God has given us hope and we have nothing to fear. We know that God is in control and he holds us close.

In other news, the heat continues. We didn't break the record for most consecutive 100º+ days, but we're still having 100º+ days. We on day #50 as of this writing. I'm really looking forward to October!! The cantaloupes are still loving the heat. It's just about the only thing growing in the garden.


Anonymous said…
Your start looks great, Stef! I really like your fabric/fiber combo even though I am not a pink person!

Glad your cantaloupes continue to thrive in this heat!

Sending good thoughts and prayers for you both during Mark's surgery!