Making Good Use of My Time

Mark had heart bypass surgery Thursday, August 18th. The doctor ended up doing 3 bypasses and discovered Mark has skinny veins in his legs below his knees, so he had to take veins from both thighs. Due to the shortage of veins, the cardiologist might have to go in and place a couple of stents in some of the arteries, but Mark needs to heal first before we start investigating that option.

Mark's recovery has been fantastic, though. He did very well at the hospital with the anesthesia and pain meds. He only got loopy a couple of times and told the nurses that he'd had enough and to hold off on the pain meds or find him something else. He came home from the hospital this past Tuesday and continues to get stronger and become more independent daily. It probably helps that I don't baby him and I push him to do what he can do within his limits. He is still in some pain, but his medical sensitivities make it difficult for him to take pain meds, so sometimes all he can take is Tylenol. He has two furry nurses to help him throughout the day. Here's Hannah ensuring Mark gets his rest.

While Mark was in the hospital, I had lots of time on my hands. My stitching went with me to the hospital to help me pass the time. I got the first part of the iStitch Mystery SAL finished and started the last block on my LHN Seasonal Saltbox piece, Blessed are the Peacemakers. I got a good deal of stitching on it while sitting with Mark.

I would post pics of my iStitch Mystery SAL piece, but we've been asked to only show pics that can't be enlarged and I've not figured out how to do that, so I'll work on that and then post a pic. Instead, I'll let Tumbles demonstrate the proper way to spend your Sunday.


Anonymous said…
Thrilled to hear that Mark is on the road to recovery and better heart health. Great start on your latest saltbox piece!

Thinking of you!

Karen said…
I'm glad to hear that Mark's surgery went well and that he is recovering with a little feline companionship to help him along :-)
Penny said…
Oh, you have a blog (or two or three). Looking forward to what you share.