A Finish & Answers for the Husband's Issues

While the husband was having his heart cath this past Thursday, I finished the 3rd in the Seasonal Saltbox series, Blessed are the Merciful, from Little House Needleworks. I really like the blue in this piece! I've already started the final chart in this series and hope to have a pic of it soon.

Next Thursday will once again find me sitting in a waiting room at the hospital. Mark's heart cath showed many blockages, so he will be having bypass surgery. I foresee lots of stitching time in my future, especially since I don't have a smart phone to access the internet. I covet your prayers for Mark's doctors and surgical staff, a complication free surgery and recovery, and for a full & complete return to health for my man. Also pray for me as I take over all the household responsibilities and continue to go to work.


Karen said…
Stephanie, I love your little Saltbox finish! I was in your situation about 2 years ago when my husband was having bypass surgery. It was hard because I'm such a worrier, but he turned out fine and is in much better health now. I'm sure your husband will be fine and healthy, too! I will be thinking of both of you on Thursday and keep you in my prayers.
Anonymous said…
Great finish on your saltbox piece!

Keeping both of you in my thoughts and prayers during the coming days especially during Mark's surgery as well as the days during the recovery and healing process!

Cath said…
Hope everything goes well . Take care of yourself too . XX
Mouse said…
your finish is lovely :0 what blue did you use ??? and as always fingers crossed that all goes well and don't forget to look after yourself as well :) love mouse xxxx