Spring has Sprung!

Four Nerve Daisies and Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnet, the state flower of Texas and very difficult to grow from seed. I don't know how these things manage to grow wild! LOL

A pretty poppy on a windy day. Always the first to pop up in late winter/early spring.

Texas Cedar Sage

Some kind of iris that popped up in my yard! I think it's a Dixie Iris, but not sure. It only bloomed for a day and now it's gone. There are others by our foundation, but not sure if they'll bloom or not.

Brazos Penstemon, a Texas native with such delicate pinkish-purple blooms. The flowers in the top pic are a close-up of the flowers. Such a delightful flower in my shady bed.

Sweet William, dianthus barbatus, a gorgeous hot pink color and very striking in the flower bed. Very hardy to my area and blooms faithfully in the spring.


Robin said…
You have mighty pretty posies, Miss Stephanie! What are the purplish ones in the 2nd picture?

If this 'talk-less' Thursday?
Mylene said…
Lovely flower pics!!
Robin said…
Love seeing the spring flowers. Nothing popping up yet in Michigan but we are having wonderful (unseasonally) warm 70+ degree weather so, hopefully, it won't be long.