I'm Still Here!

It's been several weeks since my last post, but I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. The husband and I have been busy trying to get our garden ready, I've been sick, he's been sick, I've been missing my Callie-bug, and work's been crazy. The best thing that's happened since I last posted, was that after 2 months of searching, the husband found me a new truck!!

Trusty Steed 2.0 is a 1998 GMC Sierra with 105,000 miles on it. It's a very nice dark metallic emerald green with tan interior. I would've preferred cloth seats, but I'll take the leather ones. At some point in the future, we'll probably have the seats recovered with cloth. It's got a few scratches and dings, but it's used, so that's to be expected.

I hadn't been driving the truck for more than 24 hours, when DH "borrowed" it to go get some parts for various little things that need to be fixed. When he came to pick me up at work, it' looked like this:

The lady we purchased the truck from used it only to pull a 2-horse trailer. Because she lost the key to the trailer hitch, we now have this ginormous trailer hitch on the truck that we can't remove! LOL

With the hitch on there, it makes the back end of the truck just as long as Trusty Steed was. Trusty Steed 2.0 drives better, though, and has much more sensitive power steering and gas pedal. I've almost given myself whiplash a time or two accelerating, turning, and braking. I think I have it mastered now, though.

Also in my absence, spring has sprung! Hooray! Everything is turning green in my yard and things are starting to come back to life. However, this means things are starting to grow that I can't identify. LOL It also means that the weeds are out in full force, too. I've spent the last week or so weeding my big flower bed. I've found some plants I'd forgotten about and I found some seedlings I can't identify. I also could not find 2 plants I planted in the fall that should've come back. :(

Among the early bloomers, we have purple and a very faint lavender wood violet.

Among those resurfacing, we have cutleaf rudbeckia (top) and West Texas mistflower (bottom).

The Willow Leaf Asters are back and they really multiplied!

The comfrey is blooming. I plan on planting my tomatoes near it. Comfrey is supposed to help tomatoes do well.

Things are picking up in the veggie garden, too! We've not been on top of things regarding the timing of the planting, so some of these things may not do well at all, but I figured we'd try anyway.

The onions are doing well. They should've been planted about a month before we got them in the ground, but it was snowing, so we decided to wait.

The garlic has recovered from the beating it took with all the freezing rain, sleet, snow and freezing temps.

The Romaine lettuce is going crazy! Unfortunately it's planted too close to the garlic, so I'll have to thin some out.

We finally got the potatoes planted! The husband planted these last week. They're already poking their little stems out! Of course they were almost full grown when I planted them! LOL

Lastly, the blackberries have sent out runners and are starting to grow. Not sure the husband is thrilled about that as he's not really sure he wants to keep the plants! LOL

Remember, all the pics are clickable to see larger. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I'll be back next time with some stitchy news....maybe...if I can stay out of the garden!


Anonymous said…
Oh, you're off to a great start with your garden, Stephanie! How exciting. Is your garlic a larger variety? The leaves look huge--but then again, I've never grown garlic, myself. Is it easy?

Thanks for sharing!
Robin said…
Happy Spring, my friend! Love your garden pictures as well as your spring like blog background. I am glad your garlic survived the snow/sleet/freezing rain!

Congrats on the new to you truck! Hope it lives up to its name!
Karen said…
Congratulations on the nice looking truck, Stephanie! I'm sure you will enjoy it. I drive a truck, too, and love it. Your garden is off to a nice start, it's way ahead of ours here in Michigan, there's really nothing coming up yet except a few daffodils. I really like your comfrey flowers, they are very pretty!
Mylene said…
Good to see your new post, congrats on the new truck.

Your garden is looking great. I hope you are enjoying Spring!