Snow Days!

So we had 3" of sleet/ice accumulation on Tuesday. Wednesday I was given the option of working 10-5 or taking a floating holiday/vacation day. Can anyone guess which option I chose? By Thursday, I needed to get out of the house as cabin fever had set in and I had 2 appointments. Driving was still treacherous, but my hubby is a fantastic driver and off we went! *Vroom* *Vroom* The roads were actually getting better, but then this morning, we woke to this:

After being put on "hold" as to what time to report to work, I went outside and snapped some pics. Here's the view down my street. My neighbors obviously didn't get the memo that there would be no trash pick up today or they didn't check the City's internet site to find out (like we did because we missed the memo, too).

This is my garlic bed. I hope they survive since I didn't cover them.

Another street view.

Don't get me wrong. I like snow, in pictures and if I don't have to get out in it, but this morning, I had to get out in it. I also like my snow melted off by the end of the day. I don't like ice and I don't like not seeing the ground or the sun for days on end. I don't think I could ever make it in cold country. Just call me a cold weather weenie! LOL

As most everyone in the US knows, this is Super Bowl week and the big game is being held in my backyard. I cannot tell you the number of out of staters that have been interviewed who've said, "Don't you people have snow plows down here?" I just want to smack them! I want to say, "Do you have central AC in your home and run it on Christmas Day because it's hot outside?" Hellooooo!! This is Texas and we don't have snow plows because we don't normally NEED snow plows!

Personally, I think the kitties have the right idea! Hunker down and snuggle up for the duration!


Karen said…
The weather seems to have gone crazy, doesn't it? Normally we get tons of snow but we completely missed out on this storm. Your kitties look so happy and cozy!
Deborah said…
The kitties do have the right idea. Snow in Texas is just wrong.
The weather this year has just been crazy! So much snow in Texas, it just ain't right!

The kitties however, got it right!
Mouse said…
Love the pics of snow and kittie .... but am like you lovely to look at go for a walk first off then see ya ... mmmm garlic should survive as the snow will keep the ground warmish ... let me know tho how they go on ... love mouse xxxx
Robin said…
I just love your snow pictures, but then you already know what a snowbird I am! Personally, it is just plain wrong for Texas to be getting my snow! LOL

Hope the garlic survives! The kitties do have it right -- hunker down and stay warm!
Robin said…
Your furbabies have the right idea to stay warm. Isn't is nice to have a snow day once in a while? Hope the snow melts soon so you can get back to normal.