A New Start, Stash Prize in the Mail, and Life in General

Last Sunday began the start of our new incentive stitching round. This time around, I'm stitching Birdhouse Sampler from the Garden Samplers leaflet by Prairie Schooler. It's stitched in good 'ol DMC and I chose 32 ct. Cream Brulee linen. This is how far I got during the Super Bowl game last Sunday. Unfortunately, the vine at the top right needs to be frogged. I'm going to leave it for now and see if I can't make it work.

On one of the message boards I belong to, there was an end of the year drawing for ornament stitchers and I was one of the 3 lucky winners! I received my winnings in the mail this week, and what a haul! Here is the first pic I took, with the ever helpful photo assistant, Tumbles and his big head.

And here's a better pic, minus the big headed kitty.

Thank you, Jan! If you've never read Jan's blog, please stop by and visit her. Such a generous lady and great designer! You can visit her design blog as well, Tree of Life Samplings. I am not responsible for any enabling. LOL

I have been busy stitching on an exchange piece. Unlike normal, I changed my choice mid-stream and now I'm stitching like crazy! This new choice feels "right", if you know what I mean. I need to finish so I can get it ready to mail off before we leave town for a few days.

We're heading south to visit my dad for a few days and to help him with a few projects around his house. He's been in the hospital with heart problems a few times over the past month. Well, he was in the hospital 4 times in 3 weeks with a 99% blocked artery at the site of one of his bypasses, but it took them until the 4th trip to do an angiogram to find the blockage. He then had a stent put in and now he's doing great. They told him that bypasses are generally only good for 10-13 years and he had his bypass surgery in October, 1997, so he's gotten some good mileage out of his bypasses. It will be the first time we've made the trip without Callie and with the little Tumbleweed. I have no idea how well he'll travel. I hope I'm not listening to him howl, cry, and meow for 5 hours!

Not too sure how the seedlings will do. We'll water them well before we leave and then pray they're still alive when we get back!

Until I return, happy stitching!


Robin said…
Nice prize winnings, Stef! Hope you are able to do some adjustments to your piece so you won't have to frog! Your seedlings look good; praying they will survive while you are gone! Safe travels, my friend!
Chris said…
Hi Stephanie. Your new start looks great. Safe travels. I hope your trip to see your Dad goes well.