Some Progress on Quaker Friendship Sampler

I didn't stitch for a couple of days this past week, but I did manage to get a bit of stitching in on QFS. I really like this project, but it's so tedious to me. I really have to pay attention while stitching! This particular medallion is really take a l-o-n-g (!!!!!) time to stitch, too! This is where I stopped last night.

I plan on stitching on it some more today, so I'll take it out of the snaps this evening or tomorrow and post a proper pic of it next week some time.

I've also spent a bit of time working on my LK piece, Do Not Open 'til Christmas. This is the one I started back in December, before my life went to pot. I don't think I've shared any picture of it. I stitched the border on it on Thursday while we were driving to check out trucks. A total bust, too, by the way. We're still looking for a truck. *Sigh*

In other news, my potatoes arrived this week. On the coldest day of the year! LOL They've been appropriately inspected and are now sitting on my counter trying to start growing. We'll plant them on Valentine's Day, so they need to get growin'! I ordered 10 lbs of potatoes in 3 different varieties, 5 lbs of Rio Grande Russets, 3 lbs of Purple Vikings, and 2 lbs of Red Norland.

The quality control agents were on the job, checking everything out.

Tumbles thought he'd scored a big new toy!

I'm ready for Mr. Sunshine to come back for awhile and bring some warmer temps with him. My feet have been cold for the past week and my disposition needs the sun!! LOL

Until next time, happy stitching!


Danielle said…
Great progress on both projects!
Robin said…
Great looking spuds! Glad the quality control inspectors were doing their jobs!

Your QFS is looking fabulous and super progress on your LK piece!
I can't wait to see a bigger pisture of QFS...what I can see of it is beautiful. Wow, you have a jump start on Christmas stitching, come next December, you'll be glad you did. Leave it to cats to check out anything new around the house. They are little cuties!
Stitching Noni said…
Love the cats checking out the spuds! Lucky you to have so many different types of spuds. Here in Australia the type of spuds we grow are controlled by the different Potato Marketing Boards in each state, and WA is very strict about what type of spuds we are allowed to have! Very boring....

Good luck with your stitching this week!
Michele said…
Congratulations on your progress! The kitties are to cute!
Remy said…

I love your blog! Your stitching and the colors you pick are beautiful. I also love your cat pictures, esp those of your sweet Callie, who had a wonderful Tortie face. She reminds me of our Tortie, Nigella (Niggy) who is the sweetest, funniest cat we've ever shared our house with. My DH was also, at one time, not a cat lover. Now he carries her around and talks to her!