January Stitching & Other Mindless Meanderings

I started the new year off with stitching! I chose LHN's "He's a Flake" for my January 1st piece. I'm really enjoying it! I'm stitching him on 28 ct. Mercedes linen from Picture This Plus. I tried to find something in 32 ct. in my stash, but couldn't find a single color that I liked! Then, I changed the scarf color to CC's Ribbon Red and the tree color to CC's Steamed Broccoli. I think I'm going to stitch two 'berries' on the snowman's hat rather than use beads as in the model.

Today, I'm pulling out my Quaker Friendship Sampler. This will be my project for this week. This is the last pic I have of this on my computer. I think I've done more, but you get a general idea of where I am on it. Guess I probably should pull it out of its bag and check on it, huh? LOL

The weather has turned frightful outside. We have been hit by a blast of polar air. It started raining overnight and then turned to snow late this morning. Thankfully, it didn't really stick and it's already melted now that the snow has stopped. The wet stuff has moved off to the east and now all we have to worry about is the roads getting icy with the temperatures dropping below freezing. Here are a few pics when it started snowing. It did come down a whole lot heavier throughout the morning/early afternoon, but I didn't feel like journeying outside to take more pics!

In other news, the husband has been searching high and low for a new truck for me (us). He has narrowed down his "ideal" truck. Now we just need to find it! LOL Last night, I banned him from talking about trucks, though. Funny, he didn't have much to say to me! Here's the favorite of the 3 finalists right now. You can see more pics, if you're interested here.

It's a 1997 GMC truck, extended cab, short bed with a 350 engine, 8 cylinder, 5.7L engine. That's the same engine we had in our truck that was stolen, but this one has a bit of an upgrade on it. It's also got extremely low mileage for a 97 at only 93K!! I think it must've been someone's go to town truck! LOL I'm hoping that the weather is okay tomorrow or Tuesday for Mark to be able to drive up to see it. It's located halfway to Oklahoma from where we live!

Our household is still adjusting to Callie being gone. Hannah had to go to the vet this week for an overnight stay because we thought she might have a urinary tract infection. We didn't intend for her to stay overnight, so we didn't take her any food. When she came home, she didn't have a urinary tract infection, but she did throw up probably everything she ate the previous 24 hours! So she went on the baby food diet and ate small meals every 2-3 hours until she kept everything down. She's now back to her normal self, as you can see from the above picture which isn't really all that good!

Tumbles and Hannah are working out the hierarchy in the cat population. It's stressful for me, but something that must happen. Hannah is not a fan of Tumbles' and all Tumbles wants to do is play, play, and romp. Hannah doesn't do stress very well either. It can cause her to have a flare up of her herpes which then ends up in an upper respiratory infection. So the lucky little girl has been getting lots of extra love and attention from both me and the husband. She came and snuggled with me under the covers this morning, which she only does when it's cold and she feels like it. I got lots of purrs from her!

The other night, I got a video of feeding time at our house. It's just about the only time Tumbles voices his opinion on things. If you'd like, you can check out the video on my Photobucket page.

One thing Tumbles has mastered in the last few weeks is lap sitting, but only in Mark's lap and only in the chair! LOL Silly boy loves Mark and loves to spend his evening in Mark's lap.

Total sweetness in that picture if you ask me. I remember when Mark really didn't want anything to do with cats!

That's my week in a nutshell! Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend!


Kay said…
I love your LHN you are working on! Your stitching is so very beautiful. It has been nothing but cold and snowy here in Ohio, stay warm! Your cats are adorable!
Annette B said…
Beautiful stitching love the Snowflake and the colours you are stitching him in. Great start to the new year.
Robin said…
Love the kitty pictures and your snow! Sure hope what you are sending my way makes it! Mr. Flake is coming along nicely!
Stitching Noni said…
Hi Stephanie, it is really hard getting used to them not being around, isn't it? The other cats are probably missing Callie as well. I love the photo of Tumbles cuddled up on hubby's lap :-) Fingers crossed the kitty household settles down soon

Love your snowflake LHN piece and the color fabric really makes it pop. It is always sad when a pet dies and it is amazing to see how the other animals in the house adjusts to the dynamics. Looks like a very contented kittykat in the hubby's lap though. LOL
Meari said…
Your WIPs look good :)