Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Progress During the World Series

I pulled out my LHN Seasonal Saltbox piece to work on during Saturday's World Series game (GO RANGERS!) and Saturday Night Stitch. I discovered that watching baseball is extremely distracting! I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I'd hoped to, considering that I sat for almost 3 hours and stitched. Mark kept looking at me and saying, "You're not stitching!" Of course not; I had to watch the game! LOL

Thank goodness the Rangers are doing well and have made it to the World Series because the Cowboys are doing horribly. If the Cowboys finish last this season, they'll at least get a first round draft pick out of it! LOL It's the first time in Rangers history that they've played in the Series, so we're all baseball crazy here. How sad is it that during the Cowboys games both this past Monday night and today against the Jaguars that fans started chanting "Let's go Rangers, let's go!" during the 3rd quarter of the game? Join me in "doing the claw" for the Rangers! This song was written by Randy Phillips of the Christian group, Phillips, Craig, & Dean.

You'll once again find me on the couch cheering on the Rangers tonight!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Colors of Autumn Exchange

One of the things I've been negligent in posting is my Colors of Autumn exchange pieces. I stitched Lizzie*Kate's "Hello Fall" for Chris. I'm still not too sure about that border, but that's what the pattern called for, so that's what I stitched. I tried a couple of other colors for the border and I didn't like any of them, so I went with the called-for color. I also left off the little charm because I thought it looked kinda dorky.

I snapped this picture of my finish using my camera, which is why it's so dark. I was being lazy and didn't want to fire up the computer and the scanner. I'll do better next time. LOL I also noticed that it looks like the colors ran. Hmmm.... I didn't notice it when I looked at it. Bummer!

My non-blogging friend, Robin, had my name. She stitched this lovely piece for me and included a couple of other goodies as well, like some hand dyed silks! Please note that the buttons are actually sewn on! LOL

I adore this little piece and have stitched others like it in this series as exchange pieces. I think it's the tall houses that I like so much.

Totally switching gears now. Here's the latest on our little Tumbleweed. He's now 6 months old, has been neutered, and weighs 8.2 pounds. He's gonna be a big boy!! He's gotten his permanent canine teeth in, which means he's really growing up. He's still just as delightful and entertaining as ever and has mastered jumping on the...STOVE! (Ack!!!!!!!!!!!) He jumped up on the stove as I was preparing the alfredo sauce for last night's dinner. Scared the bejeebers out of me. He was exiled from the kitchen for the rest of the evening. Here he is playing in his toy box.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Fall and the Acorns are Falling!

I've had limited time to stitch lately due to fall arriving and needing to get the gardens in order, but I have been stitching off and on (more off than on) on this lovely monochromatic complimentary design from The Workbasket. I'm stitching it on a luscious piece of 32 ct. Toasted Pumpkin linen from R&R and using Crescent Colours' Belle Soie silk, Mudpie.

You can be assured that if there's no activity on my blog, I'm out in the garden. It's fall planting time in Texas, so I've been planting! In the full sun flower bed, I've pulled out plants that were overgrown and invasive, moved plants that weren't in the best places and not getting the sun they needed, and I've planted some new plants I got at the plant swap a few weeks ago. I moved almost all of my daylilies to one corner of the bed and made room for some native plants that will attract bees and butterflies.

In the veggie garden bed, I've pulled out all the cucumber vines and most of the watermelon vines. Okay, really the husband did that, but I asked him to! LOL I've planted my garlic and need to plant my chives. This week, we'll be starting some lettuces so we can have fresh lettuce through the winter and early spring months. In August sometime, I whacked back the okra. It's all growing back and producing pods. Gahhhhh! I think I'm just going to yank it all out, except for the ones we're saving for seeds.