Quaker Acorn Update & Christmas Exchange Received

This time of the year is always exhausting for me. Working retail, it's just busier and more stressful. Yesterday I came home and told my husband that even my ears were tired!! All the noise, the people, the phone ringing, the questions, and the kids screaming just wore my ears out. I love it, though, as work goes by quicker and people are generally expecting to wait and in fairly good spirits. However, coming home exhausted means less "oomph" to stitch. I'm also spending more time in the kitchen baking goodies for co-workers to help them get through the busyness of the season.

Here's the latest progress scan on Quaker Acorns. I'm now hoping to have it finished by fall, 2011! LOL

I belong to a group of politically conservative stitchers and we recently had a Christmas exchange. Here are all the goodies my partner sent to me.

I'm in love with all those little pieces of fabric! I must find something to stitch on them quickly!!

I'm going to start a new project today, Lizzie*Kate's little pocketbook kit, "Do Not Open 'til Christmas". I'm hoping this helps me get in the spirit of things. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

And yes, I do spend half of my evening chasing Mr. T out of the Christmas tree! He thinks it makes the perfect perch for watching the world outside the front window.


I just love your Cat in the Tree Picture...that is so cute..and of course that is the perfect place to Perch so he can see everything that is going on outside...Hehehe...I too have a Cat and if I had a tree he would be doing the same thing.

I love your WIP...that is so cute and I love the material that you are doing it on too.

I have a Blog and here is mine:

http://lindakscreativityworks.blogspot.com. I don't know if you are a follower yet or not but if you are not I would love for you to follow my Blog. I follow yours.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs :) from Wintery Stormy Northern Indiana
Linda K, Railroad
Robin said…
Where will Mr. Tumbles perch when the tree comes down? He looks very comfy!

Great progress on your acorn, Stef! Very nice haul of goodies! Looking forward to seeing what you stitch on those pretty pieces of fabric!

Kay said…
Sounds like you have been busy. Your cat reminds me of a few of my cats through the years, the one Christmas my Percy rode our tree down twice because he was trying to climb to the top of the tree but ending up knocking it down to the ground. My kittens have a hard time right now staying out of the trees as well. Happy holidays!