Some Progress Pics

I can't show you a picture just yet of my current stitching project because it's an exchange piece, but I can tell you it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute (!!!) and I'm loving it! I might just have to stitch this one again for myself. LOL

Things have started picking up at work ('tis the season!), so my body is in the adjustment stage of Christmas. LOL Last week, I came home so exhausted everyday that it was all I could do to keep my eyelids open long enough to eat dinner. This week has been a little bit better. Next week, I should be good to go! Needless to say, not much stitching has gone on at my house, but I'm getting my groove back. :o)

I had to put Quaker Acorn down to work on my exchange piece and get it ready by mailing date, but here's my latest pic. I really do enjoy working on it, so maybe it'll be finished by 2011.

I'm working on the boring border on Evergreen. I say it's boring, but it's not all that boring, just repetitious. Looking at the pic, I realize that the border really does add to the piece.

As you can see from the first pic on my post, fall has arrived in North Texas. The nights (& some of the days) have turned cooler. I had to put the blanket on the bed for the season and the heater has come on a time or two. A couple of mornings, I've awakened to find kitties snuggling in the bed with us. I had to plug in the pet bed warmers and the kitties have enjoyed snuggling in their beds with them. We originally got the heating pads for pets several years ago for Callie when she was diagnosed with arthritis. It really does help her move better during the winter. When Hannah came along and was so sick, it helped keep her body temperature regulated. Little Tumbles just likes snuggling in the heated beds.

I've pulled out my pumpkin recipes and I've been baking up a storm. We've had pumpkin bars (above), pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin bundt cake. Makes the house smell heavenly. Yummy, yummy!!

This little guy is progressing nicely as well. He's getting so big and is so funny. I re-use drinking straws and wash them in the dishwasher in the utensil holder. Tumbles' latest "trick" is pulling them out of the holder and running away with them. I was wondering why my supply was getting skimpy!

Until next time, happy stitching!


Anonymous said…
How can you resist that precious face? Love the pic of the fall foliage at the top! Nice progress on your BBD and the acorn!

Mylene said…
Both WIPÅ› are coming aling fine.
hmmmm..your pumpkin bars looks yummmmm! and such a cute pic of your kitten