Our First Thanksgiving Turkey

When we stay home for Thanksgiving, which is most years, I usually make a chicken in the crock pot. This year, however, we decided that we're going to cook a turkey. It helped that we got a coupon for a free Butterball turkey from the electric company. It will be the first time I've cooked a turkey on my own. Never fear, I have the turkey hotline (AKA "DAD") on speed dial! LOL You see, my dad cooks a mean turkey. I've already called and gotten the instructions on making the stuffing, which Mark loves. I knew that basics of it, but not the specifics. I have a feeling I'll be making more than a few calls to dad for help.

The good news is that I'm off on Wednesday, so I'll have a day to prepare and get some of the baking out of the way. My plan for Wednesday is to bake the cake (buttermilk pound cake) and make the fruit salad. I might also need to defrost the turkey in the bathtub or sink if it's not defrosted. If I feel up to it, I might make a cherry pie for Mark. He loves cherry pie.

In addition to turkey and dressing (or stuffing, depending on where you're from), we'll be having mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, and maybe homemade baked mac & cheese. The mac & cheese is a tradition in my family. I thought Mark would make gravy, but he told me the other day he could live without that. I haven't decided on if I'm going to try to make some homemade rolls or use the frozen variety, OR Mark can make them!!

Of course, in between everything else, I'll be stitching!


Chris said…
I have never cooked a turkey either. It sounds like you have a plan and I am sure that it will be great!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Deborah said…
Good luck with cooking your first turkey. I personally can't think of turkey without gravy. Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
Gobble gobble! How are the turkey preps coming along? Don't forget the pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

Mylene said…
Happy Thanksgiving!