More Progress on Quaker Acorn & Other News

Last night, the husband and I watched the movie "Fireproof". It was a good movie, a bit on the hokey side, but overall a good movie. It really makes you take a look at your marriage and how it could be better. If you're marriage is struggling, then it can help make it stronger. It was also Saturday Night Stitchalong, so I pulled out Quaker Acorn to work on.

Here's where I started:

And here's where I had to stop because I was crying too much to see the holes in my fabric!

Yesterday morning, I went into the front bedroom to open the windows and discovered that one of the chysalides had eclosed! Meaning, the caterpillar that had been hanging out in its cocoon for the past 5 months decided it was spring and time to wake up.

The husband released it on the cosmos out in the front yard. It definitely won't have time to mate, but at least it will be able to fly some. If it doesn't head south, it will die because it's been so cold here lately and there's another cold front heading our way next week.

Today is Hannah's 5th Gotcha Day. It was 5 years ago today that the husband and I visited the local animal control shelter (AKA "The Pound") and came home with a little waif of a kitty. She's grown into such a beautiful girl that brings much delight and laughter to our home.


Anonymous said…
Hannah looks like she is thinking about pouncing on something, maybe Tumbles!?!?!!

Lovely pics of the butterfly! Hope it heads off for warmer temps!

Nice progress on the acorn piece!

Karen said…
How wonderful to experience the metamorphosis of a butterfly! Hannah is a beautiful kitty, she looks very regal sitting there.
Danielle said…
I also saw that movie. LOVED it. And I cried too. How could you not? It does make you look at relationships with a different eye.
kimstitch3 said…
loved Fireproof too. your acorn pic is looking beautiful,love the color thread you chose and your cat,well.... adorable