The Birthday Box Contents

I opened the box from Robin after my lovely dinner out with the husband. As you can see, I hit the jackpot! Robin had stitched 2 wonderful pieces for me. The little pillow is a complimentary design, "Give Thanks" by The Stitcherhood and the framed piece is "Live Simply", another complimentary design from Hands To Work. I'm fairly certain that she stitched this with Crescent Colours rather than the called-for fibers. If you'd like the conversions, I have them and would be happy to post them for you. I also got 2 more skeins of HDF silks, both in the purple color scheme. Purple is one of my favorite colors!! The little spiral notebook is just adorable! Not sure what I'll write in it, but I'm sure I'll find something! Robin is such an awesome friend! Thank you, Robin for my goodies!!

I also got this for my birthday...


natalyK said…
Happy Birthday! What a wonderful gift from your friend.
TinaTx said…
Happy birthday! What a lovely package!
Hope you got cake! :)
Karen said…
Stephanie, Your friend certainly chose some nice gifts for you. And are you saying that you got two new kitties, too? They are darlings!
Mylene said…
WOW! Great gifts!!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your presents.

Anonymous said…
So, I am guessing that none will be returned! Darn!

Yes, the Live Simply was stitched with "colors" and with Crescent Colours. Remember, it was originally a monochrome!

Love the picture of Callie and Tumbleweed!

Wishing you many more wonderful birthdays, my friend!