Some Progress During the World Series

I pulled out my LHN Seasonal Saltbox piece to work on during Saturday's World Series game (GO RANGERS!) and Saturday Night Stitch. I discovered that watching baseball is extremely distracting! I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I'd hoped to, considering that I sat for almost 3 hours and stitched. Mark kept looking at me and saying, "You're not stitching!" Of course not; I had to watch the game! LOL

Thank goodness the Rangers are doing well and have made it to the World Series because the Cowboys are doing horribly. If the Cowboys finish last this season, they'll at least get a first round draft pick out of it! LOL It's the first time in Rangers history that they've played in the Series, so we're all baseball crazy here. How sad is it that during the Cowboys games both this past Monday night and today against the Jaguars that fans started chanting "Let's go Rangers, let's go!" during the 3rd quarter of the game? Join me in "doing the claw" for the Rangers! This song was written by Randy Phillips of the Christian group, Phillips, Craig, & Dean.

You'll once again find me on the couch cheering on the Rangers tonight!


Barb said…
Very nice piece. I really like the designer.
Anonymous said…
Nice progress even with watching the game!