Long Overdue Update (Pic Heavy)

Not much has been happening around here. We have had more hot temps (ugh!), humidity, and the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine pass through. We got about 8" of rain from that in about a two day period. No severe weather here, but there were 6 confirmed tornadoes in the Dallas area. Yikes! Thankfully, we just got rain on this side of the Metroplex. I thought I might need to invest in some snorkeling gear before it was all said and done, though!

The kitties are all doing well. Tumbles has received all of his kitten shots plus his rabies shot, so he's good for a year. He goes in on October 13th for a little chassis modification procedure. He'll stay the night and we'll pick him up on the morning of our 10th wedding anniversary! He's grown by leaps and bounds and now weighs a good 6 lbs. He and Callie play well together, but he and Hannah are still working out the terms of their relationship.

I discovered this morning that my little man has a "thing" for dirty dishcloths! I had tossed a pile of dirty dish towels and dishcloths into a laundry basket containing dirty towels. I turned around and saw him diving into the basket! I immediately thought he was going to do his business in there, but watched for a few seconds and he didn't. Ran and got the camera and came back to find this:

He was rolling all over the towels and trying to bite and suckle on the dirty dishcloths! I will now have to be sure to put the laundry basket up on the washing machine so he'll not be as likely to jump into the basket!

The garden is looking horrible! While we still have a couple of okra plants still standing and 4 watermelons on the vines and the cantaloupes are coming back to life, most of the garden is done for the season. The late summer flowering plants are flowering, such as the frostweed and Turk's cap shown at the top of this post. The hurricane lilies, which usually bloom after Labor Day when hurricane season is at its peak, are blooming, too.

Hurricane Lilies bursting out of the ground. I need to snap a pic of them in bloom. Very appropriate since the rains from TS Hermine probably helped them sprout.

One of the watermelons in our garden.

Lots of things are going to seed. I've already been harvesting various seeds, but I'll be harvesting these for sure! I think I'm going to sell some of them, too, but I'm not sure on that yet.
Blackberry Lily
Garlic Chives, which I've never actually eaten, but they make a great border plant and have cute little white flower heads.

Lastly, (I saved the best for last!) I have been doing some stitching. I've mostly been working on a small exchange piece, but on Saturday nights, I've been working on my LHN Seasonal Saltbox piece. I'm currently working on the summer block, "Blessed are the Merciful".


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the picture share, Stephanie! Sorry your garden is withering with the heat, but you still have some pretties there!

Mr. Tumble is such a cutie! Looks like he has adjusted to his new home very nicely!

Good progress on your seasonal saltbox!

Mylene said…
Looks like your kitty is having fun!

...and my garen is a mess due to the strong winds we are having lately, now it's too wet to work on it.