Saturday Night Stitch Progress

I did settle down on Saturday evening to get some stitching time in for the Saturday Night Stitch stitchalong on the OOE board. Amazing, I know! LOL I'm stitching on my LHN Seasonal Saltbox project for this SAL.

Here is where I started on Saturday night:

And here's where I stopped. I finished off the strand of green, and was tired of it anyway, so I moved on to a different color. Just call me ADD!

I am on vacation this week (hooray!) with no real plans for my week. Okay, I have plans, they're just not all that definite and I wouldn't be disappointed if nothing got accomplished. I do have to go to the doc for my "annual exam". I'm sure that will be beyond exciting. NOT! However, I will need to discuss the results of my eye exam with them. Apparently my vision has "shifted" (for the better) because either my thyroid is out of whack again or my hormones are doing their aging thing. I'm voting for the latter, which I'm not real excited about, but it's a fact of life. Will be discussing those mood swings, too. Additionally, I have a massage on Wednesday which I'm looking forward to and then a haircut on Friday. My hair's not too bad, but I figured I'd get the appointment out of the way this week since it's easier for me to get in to see her when my schedule is open. Other than that, I do plan on getting my stash listed to sell. I also plan on doing some de-cluttering around here. The husband doesn't know this yet, but he's helping. Today, however, I'm having a do-nothing day! LOL

On the gardening front, everything's burning up. It's sad to look out the window and see everything wilting and drying up, no matter how much we water. We're on day 15 or 16 or 17 (feels like a whole lot more than that) of 100ยบ+ temps. The only thing that's really doing well is the okra. However, it looks horribly limp in the middle of the day. The green cucumbers are now infested with spider mites and aphids. I think I'm just going to yank them out and start over for the fall. The lemon cucumbers and the White Wonder cukes are still producing, yet the vines look deadly. Here was the harvest from today. What the heck am I going to do with all of them??

Some random pics of Tumbles over the past week or so. Really, I know you're probably tired of seeing his cute mug, but I'm so in love with him it's pathetic!

Here he is sitting in the big window in the living room. All the kitties love this spot in the early evening. It's the prime sunbathing spot!

Here he is just chilling out, trying to avoid the wrath of Hannah who hisses and swats him on a regular basis. LOL

I snapped this pic earlier this afternoon just as he was settling in for his afternoon nap. I think Mark was talking to him to get him to look up. Perfect pic of my handsome little man! Following that, is a short video I recorded of him playing with one of his new toys. Enjoy!


Good for you on getting a goodly amount accomplished on your SAL!

Enjoy your week off ~ doctor's appointments and all. I'm still trying to get my thyroid issues worked out - no energy and slowly picking up weight despite running a couple of miles almost every day. Blech!

HRT did wonders for my mood swings and hot flashes though - well worth the risk if you ask me!

Cute kitty pics.

Have a great week, Stephanie!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your week of vacation, Stephanie! I love that picture of Tumble just above the video!

So, what are you going to do with your harvested cukes? I wonder if the people you work with would eat 'cucumber' cake! LOL

Nice progress on your saltbox!

Deborah said…
Have a great vacation. You do have some fun things planned after or before the dreaded dr.s appt. I am crazy for the kitties.
Shari said…
LOVE the LHN pieces!!! Keep up the great work!!
My son just asked me yesterday if I had heard of lemon cukes! I had said no, now I see you post about them! Too funny!!!
Our garden is very dry too! We watered the other night thou & it sure helped!!!!! See my blog for tomato pix!!!!!
enjoy your vacation, despite the appointments...ugh!!!!
Kay said…
Your stitching is coming along, I have seen this one done by many so I know it is going to be beautiful! Have a wonderful week, it sounds like it will be a good one! Tumbles looks so cute he looks like my Gisborne. Back in June I had to find homes for a litter of kittens but the last 2 I kept for myself, it is so fun and cute to watch the babies grow!
Meari said…
Stitching looks good! I'm with you on the garden wilting up and dying. It's only been in the 80's here but my garden is already dying. :(
Stitching is looking really good! I love these pieces and have them in my "must-do" pile for someday in the future. I too am ready for the cooler tempuratures of fall.
Mylene said…
Great start on the new LHN project and what cute pictures of your kitties.

Enjoy your vacation and hope all goes well with the appointments.