A Month of Tumble

It's been almost a month since Mr. Tumbleweed came into our lives and home. It's been an educational, tiring, fun, frustrating, exciting, and fun. Never having owned a kitten this young, I really had no idea what to expect. Nothing could have prepared me for how much energy this guy has! It's all about playing, sleeping, eating, and playing some more! BUT, he is such an adorable little thing and is already dearly loved. I mean, really, who couldn't love this?

He now feels secure and comfortable enough to sleep out in the open when encouraged. He doesn't normally willingly choose an open spot for a nap, but if we're sitting on the couch or something, he'll come over and lay down and stretch out.

He's learned to get behind the sheers in the living room and enjoy the sunshine, watch the birds and squirrels, and hide from the girls.

He's learning to be civilized with his "sisters". Callie is his friend most of the time, but she has her limits. He's obviously overstepped the boundary line here.

He still has a long nose and face. Will be interesting to see what size head he'll end up with. I sure hope it's proportionate to his body! LOL

He loves to have his head rubbed as he's falling asleep. He also has a HUGE purr that he shares readily for us.

He's also learned to jump on the furniture and he's almost made it out the cat door to the enclosed sunroom. He's not learned how to push on the door, but I have no doubt he'll figure it out soon! He's also almost ready to be out in the house at night, rather than stuck in his room. I'm not sure how that will work since he usually eats dry food during the night. Maybe the husband will get up for a 3AM feeding! LOL

Most of the time, peace reigns. It will be fun to see what the next month brings!


natalyK said…
Love Mr. Tumbleweed. The pics are great! Thanks for sharing.
Deborah said…
He is so cute! Your right. who couldn't love him.
Anonymous said…
He is such a cutie, Stephanie! I love the picture with his little tongue stuck out while sleeping!