His Name Shall Be Mr. Tumbleweed!

We picked up our new little bundle of joy on Tuesday. I was so proud of his rescue mom. She didn't let the tears fall! I'd have been a nervous wreck! He's been a perfect little angel since his arrival, except for last night when he escaped from his cage. With the cage door locked tight. We considered calling him Houdini.

He is eating very well, using the litter box like a champ, and enduring the hisses of Hannah. When he's crying his little head off because he wants some attention or it's first thing in the morning and he's ready for his wet food, Callie goes into the room and lays down by the cage. He quiets down immediately. I really hope the 2 of them become fast friends. Hannah will be a much harder sell.

He's in our front bedroom inside a big cage that has his litter box, water & food dishes, comfy bed, and some small toys for him to play with. I also have a fleece string wand toy tied to the top of the cage and the end dangling down to the bottom of the cage. He has started to play a bit with his toys by himself, which is a really good thing and means he's becoming more comfortable in his new home. Mark is going to install a screen door on the door to the room so he can have free reign of that bedroom. We've discovered that the air circulation in that room isn't the best, so leaving the door open while he's in his cage is the best alternative at this point in time. We discussed moving his cage into the den, but we decided that he's not ready for that and neither are our girls.

Mr. Tumbleweed really still isn't sure of people and he's not a fan of hands, so we have to move slowly around him. He LOVES his new daddy, though!! I witnessed Mr. Tumbles giving Mark rubs, head butts, and general friendly lovins. He's not quite so fond of me, yet because I pick him up and snuggle him and I wipe off his feet daily. He'll come around soon enough, though. He's still a bit on the scaredy side and isn't comfortable being out in the wide open spaces of the bedroom. He loves to hide under the bed, but will readily come out to play with the string toy. However, any little noise or quick movement sends him back under the bed. He's quickly enticed out with the toy, though. We're making progress with him, but it'll take lots of patience and TLC for our little man.

Here he is playing with the string from under the bed. This was our first time to let him out to play.

He loves to grab the string and kick it with his back paws. He's so uncoordinated that it's comical to watch him.

He's got the cutest buttons on his tummy and a stripe under his chin that is so adorable. I think I'm in love!

Okay, off to feed the baby and get some shut eye. Look for frequent updates on Mr. Tumbleweed!


Kathy said…
He sure is a cutie! Babies are so much fun.
Anonymous said…
He is so cute! Love his name!

carla said…
Love the name. Glad he's settling in so well. His spots ARE adorable!
Jan said…
He is going to be King of his castle!!! Enjoy all of these baby antics!!!
Karen said…
What a cute little guy! Your lady cats are probably wondering just what the heck happened, but how sweet that Callie is looking after him :-) And I love the name!
Lindsay said…
He's adorable and almost identical to my newest addition Rosie!