Wordy Wednesday #23

I know, I know. I usually do a Wordless post on Wednesday, but I'm breaking free from the rut and actually posting a wordy post today. I mean, after all, I've been very quiet lately.

The husband and I have been busy in the garden. As of today, we've harvested carrots, potatoes, and onions. The beans are getting ready to harvest, the black-eyed peas are beginning to flower, and the okra has taken off and is putting on pods. The strawberries are producing another round of berries, the watermelons have taken off and are flowering, the cantaloupes have also taken off and are flowering like crazy, the cucumbers are setting fruit, and the tomatoes are starting to ripen. The early bloomers are going to seed, bees are buzzin' and the weather's turned hot. How many days til winter sets in?? LOL

My first lemon cucumber baby!


Radish seed pods ripening

Borage flowers and baby strawberries (bottom)

Emerald Green Velvet okra pods

Contender green beans (bush)

In my personal life, I've been struggling with neck spasms and tight/sore muscles in my upper back. That has really put a cramp in my stitching. I was diagnosed last week with a urinary tract infection (fun!) and the medicine they prescribed makes my vision blurry. Do you know how much more difficult blurry vision makes it to see the tiny holes in 32 count fabric?!? My neck, shoulders, and upper back are getting better and I'm learning to cope with the blurry vision.

Last night, I came home from work to see my Callie-girl cat in the front window, but she didn't stand up to come greet me at the front door. The first thing out of the husband's mouth was, "She's hurt herself and won't get up. She can't put a lot of weight on her back left leg." This is my 14 year old baby girl cat. I made a little "nest" for her in the den with some twisted towels (she loves towels!), a litter box, and a bowl of water. She's doing better today, but is still very sore and gimpy. She's still limping terribly, but able to put more weight on her leg. Of course, when I called the vet, they have no appointments for today, so I'm waiting for a call back for a plan of action. I think she probably pulled some muscle doing some kind of cat thing, like jumping down out of the chair, as her muscles seem a bit inflamed and tender to the touch. It's times like these when I wish animals could talk!

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Anonymous said…
Poor Callie! Hope she is feeling more like her normal self soon!

Your garden endeavors are looking great, Stephanie!

Mylene said…
Your garden pictures are looking great. I hope you are feeling much better by now as well as Callie.

Happy weekend!
Charlene ♥ SC said…
Beautiful garden - Enjoy the fruits. Poor baby!