Wordless Wednesday # Whatever (LOL)-Captions added

First harvest of okra, cherry tomatoes, and lemon cucumber.

My start on Caroline. It's stiched on 28 ct. Vanilla Bean linen from Crescent Colours using Crescent Colours fibers.

My last caterpillar doing the "comma" and going into his chrysalis stage.

My new, low flush toilet! The previous toilet was the same color as the tile on the floor and the wall. This was installed by my husband. There are 2 buttons on the top that you use to flush. No more using the elbow to flush the toilet for me!

One of the lemon cucumber vines blooming like crazy.

Dahlia flowered zinnia.


Anonymous said…
Nice looking tomatoes, Stef! I would love to come dine on them! Glad the 'throne' is all installed!