Wordless Wednesday #25 (captions added)

Part of my harvest from yesterday, 6.23.10. We've got fresh snap green beans, pink eye purple hull peas (AKA black eyed peas, Southern peas, cowpeas), and some tomatoes.

Bloom on one of my okra plants. They're so pretty! I wish they stayed open for more than a few hours. Such a pretty soft butter yellow and burgundy throat.

Lemon cucumber plant on the left going hog wild and a cherry tomato plant on the right. The tomato plant is at least 6' tall!

My smallest cantaloupe. It's so fun to watch it grow day by day. It's gotten longer. The other two on the vine look fatter.

Pink eye purple hull peas, fresh shelled, and cherry tomatoes.

Daylily 'Persian Patterns'

Computer chair thief!


Anonymous said…
Terrific garden haul, Stef! Boy, the flower on the okra plant is gorgeous!

Cute little chair thief!