A Stitchy Post (& Some Vegetables, Too!)

Robin, my non-blogging, now retired so she has time to start a blog friend received her Bent Creek exchange piece! This was the piece that I had such a block on stitching. I loved the piece and it wasn't a difficult stitch, but I just had no mojo to sit and stitch on it.

Blessings Abound
Design by Bent Creek
Stitched on 32 ct. Rustic linen using DMC and GAST threads

I stitched on my LHN Seasonal Saltbox piece yesterday evening. Here are before and after pics.



In the garlic today, I harvested my garlic. We planted it last October. It survived the snows and cold weather and now I have this:

Total harvest of garlic and bulblets. We'll plant the smaller bulb on the left in the fall and it should grow as big as the other bulbs.

Bulblets that were attached to the bottom of the bigger bulbs. These are like seeds and if planted, will produce a full size elephant garlic pod in two years. This is what we planted the most of last fall.

This full size pod will be broken apart and the individual cloves will be planted in October. We'll have lots of garlic next year!

I also harvested my first bunch of cherry tomatoes! They were yummy!

My plan this week is to stitch daily, even if it's only 10 or 15 minutes. I'm starting a little ornie, so hopefully I'll have a quick finish.


Anonymous said…
And I LOVE my Bent Creek piece (the design, the fiber and fabric colors). Good choice, Stef!

Your seasonal saltbox is coming along and looks like a finish will be in the near future!

Great haul in the garden! Those tomatoes look mighty tasty!