Some Early Works

I recently reconnected with an old college roommate on Facebook. I was also her notetaker (she is deaf) for many of our classes, too, so we had a unique relationship. We'd kept in touch for many years after college, but then in 1998, I moved here to Fort Worth and she moved to Georgia due to some illness and health challenges. After that, we lost contact, but with the creation of Facebook, we've been reunited. A couple of weeks ago, she shared pics with me of some of the things I'd stitched for her while we in college. These are about 20 years old and Carla has these hanging in her guest room.

I have no idea the designers of these are, but I do know they're stitched on aida (Fiddler's it looks like) with DMC threads, cuz that's just about all there was back then.

The other day, I went into the living room and I found Her Royal Highness Hannah Grace sleeping atop a stack of moving pads. I've dubbed this shot, "The Princess and the Pea".


Anonymous said…
Awww, Hannah looks so cute upon her stacked bedding!

Nice looking oldies, Stef! Glad you re-connected with Carla!