I Have Been Remiss in Stitching and Posting

I've been so busy with outside stuff that I've neglected to update my blog. I've still not done any stitching to speak of, but the day is coming.

Prairie Phlox (phlox pilosa) is the lavender blooming plant in this picture. It's accompanied by a blanketflower. The phlox has a very nice soft smell to it that's heavenly in the early mornings and late evenings.

Blanketflowers in the late evening sun.

Coneflower (& spider web) preparing to bloom.

View of the flower bed along the driveway. I just love that vibrant pink Sweet William!

First buds on one of my volunteer mater plants!


Anonymous said…
So, what is a volunteer mater plant?

Mylene said…
Beautiful flowers you have around!