Catching Up

Another crazy week has ended. Hooray! I don't think I've had a "normal" work in over a month. As someone who thrives on consistency and predictability, it's been stressful. I was looking forward to returning to a normal work schedule next week, however when my boss arrived at work yesterday he told me that he & his family would be leaving that afternoon to drive to Delaware because his mother-in-law's condition had deteriorated and she wasn't expected to live through the weekend. I felt so bad for him. So this coming week's going to be just as crazy as the last 2 or 3 weeks. At least my hormones won't be out of whack this go 'round! LOL

As you can see from the pics posted Wednesday, the gardens are looking good. We got about 1.25" of rain on Friday which will help tremendously. Now, though, we've got such horribly high humidity! Blech!

This is just gorgeous! I don't remember seeing this Mealy Blue Sage in such glory last season.

This little Blue Bedder Sage went dormant over the winter, but has come back nicely. It's such a vibrant blue and very striking in the flower bed.

In the veggie garden, the okra I planted is coming along nicely. We've had some germination issues on one end of the row, but I'll plant some more seeds today to hopefully help that. These poor little babies got whipped around in the winds the other day pretty good, but they have recovered and are growing well.

Most of the onions are starting to really bulb. These 1015s are doing great! As they get bigger around, I pull back the soil to give them some growing room.

The cucumber plants are finally taking off. This is a lemon cucumber plant that had a rough time getting started. It's doing great now.

I will be sending off my exchange piece this week, so hopefully I'll be able to post some stitching pics soon!


Anonymous said…
Okay Stef, what exactly is a lemon cucumber? Sounds interesting! Does it have a lemony fragrance or taste?

Your gardens are really thriving!